Water Conservation Tips

Water conservation is considered an important practice by the Harriman Utility District. While our region is generally unaffected by drought, our water treatment and distribution system has a finite volume of clean, potable water than can be provided. During particularly dry seasons, this can be especially limited. The following are some useful “tips” and practices you can use to help HUB conserve water.

  • • Avoid using water to thaw frozen foods.
  • • Scrape refuse from dishes instead of rinsing them before washing.
  • • Wash fruits and vegetables in a bowl, rather than under the tap.
  • • Keep drinking water in your fridge, rather than running your tap till cold.
  • • Don’t leave water running continuously while washing dishes in the sink.
  • • Turn off the water when brushing your teeth.
  • • Consider shorter showers.
  • • Wash full loads of clothes.
  • • Fix leaky toilets and faucets (incidentally, this will reduce your overall bill as well).
  • • Install higher-efficiency appliances.
  • • Avoid over-watering lawns and gardens. Consider adjustable sprinklers and “grey water” irrigation systems.
  • • Avoid high-volume water usage for non-essential activities during dryer months, such as washing cars and filling swimming pools.


Water Conservation

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