Temporary Electric Installations

UG Drawing

Underground Temporary Pedestal Installation

1. Temporary location must be selected by HUB personnel and be on the property being served. The temporary also must be approximately three to ten feet (3’-10’) from the transformer or temporary service pedestal.

2. Temporary must be on the secondary side of the transformer (right-hand side as viewed facing the transformer door).

3. If connection point is a stub-out, HUB requires a 24 inch square excavation at the stub-out. Leave five feet of extra wire at the stub-out. This provides working room for utility personnel to splice together HUB and customer wires.

4. If the connection point is a pull box or transformer, the Customer needs to trench to the right side (facing transformer or pull box with back to road), and leave the conduit exposed. If any other conductors are discovered while digging, leave them covered. Leave five feet (5’) of extra wire at a pull box, ten feet (10’) of extra wire at the transformer.

OH Drawing

Overhead Temporary Service Installation

1. Required conductor clearances are 18 feet over roads, 16.5 feet over a driveway. For lines not crossing land that will be subject to traffic of any kind (including vehicles, trucks, and horseback riders), the absolute minimum clearance is 12 feet. Point of delivery must be located higher so the lowest point of the conductors meets these clearances.

2. Pole to be located on the lot for which service is requested. Pole to be at least ten (10) feet away from the pole, and within 100 feet of the power pole that will serve the site.

3. Pole must be treated 6” X 6”or 6” diameter and installed at a sufficient depth, to stabilize the temporary meter base. Pole must have at least 3 braces.

4. Service line must not cross property belonging to others. If line will cross others’ property, customer must obtain an easement for HUB. HUB has the easement forms.

5. Customer shall clear a path through trees or brush that is wide enough to allow utility service personnel to run the line, and to allow lines to hang without contacting trees or limbs.

6. Service Conductor must come out of the weather head 12”-18”.

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