Mission, Vision, and Core Values

The Harriman Utility Board (HUB) holds a unique place within our community. Far beyond the “power company”, HUB is relied upon to provide electric, natural gas, drinking water, and sanitary sewer services to residents, businesses, and nonprofits alike. For long-time residents, HUB is a familiar icon bridging the past and present along the most basic of needs. Centrally located downtown, HUB’s main office is one of the most visible commercial entities in Harriman. We are indeed the “HUB of the Community”.

We depend on the many “spokes” that drive the “wheel” of economic and social growth, as they in turn, depend on us. The greatest strength we possess is found in maintaining our close relationships to those we service via our com¬mitment to sustainable and positive development. Therefore, the mission of HUB is: To enhance our community through exceptional service.

Researchers and Site Selection Groups seem to agree that the Southeastern United States is the most competitive region of the country for business investment. One vastly underrated reason why is the availability of well-organized and well-funded power companies. Tennessee has been increasingly successful in receiving new and expanded busi¬ness/industry investment in recent years. The Tennessee Valley Authority is just one reason why we have a competitive advantage.

By partnering with our local and State economic development agencies and the TVA, we will encourage growth and development in our service area and that which surrounds it. From an availability and reliability of utilities perspective, we will identify and tackle issues which may be deterring business from our area. In addition, we will invest in social improvement. We will grow our presence at public events, schools, and civic groups. We will educate our customers and key stakeholders on the value of public utilities and focus on safety and reliability of our services.

Why strive for social and economic improvement? Our mission is what we do every day. Our vision is what we aspire to do. Therefore, our vision is: To inspire social and economic growth through intentional action.

We believe in our team and its ability to provide exceptional service. We believe we have systems already in place and have identified others in our new Strategic Plan, to shore up issues that are holding us back, tackle inadequacies, and invest in the future. While our mission is to enhance our community through exceptional service, we hope that this consistent, dis-ciplined focus will inspire others to do likewise. In time, we hope to be a partner that inspires social and economic im¬provement through superior, intentional action.

More than mere customers, our rate payers are commercial partners, neighbors, friends and even family members. When we go home at the end of the day, the very services we pro¬vide are among those we ourselves depend upon for comfort, safety and economy. Therefore, bettering ourselves and by extension our community should be more than a professional obligation, but rather, a personal commitment.

It is one thing to proclaim a vision; however, it is a completely different thing to prove it through our actions. Consistency will be key to achieving buy-in from our employees and key stake¬holders and for gaining trust within our community. Our strate¬gies, plans and actions must align with our core values. These principles must be apparent to those whom we interact with. They guide the way we make day-to-day decisions.

Core Values:

  • Remain committed to providing exceptional customer service.
  • Consistently strive to improve the quality, safety, and reliability of our services.
  • Collaborate with others to en¬courage community growth and improvement.
  • Become a leader in our industry, improving the quality of life for our customers, and inspiring others by our superior results.
  • Methodically plan our actions in keeping with our mission.
  • Achieve greatness through discipline and consistency, not luck.


Shaking Hands

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