Detect a Leaking Toilet

Is your water bill much higher than usual this month? Modern toilets are designed to efficiently conserve water use, but sometimes, these improved designs hide the signs of a leak.

Your bathroom toilet operates by automatically shutting off the supply of water to the tank when it reaches a specified level. When the system fails, water can seep past the “flapper” valve, allowing water to leak by, resulting in the tank never filling, and the water to continue running.

While a leaking toilet is characteristically identified by the continued sound of water filling the tank, it may be silent. Here are some simple steps to confirm if your toilet is leaking:

1. Remove the tank lid.
2. Drop one dye tablet, or ten (10) drops of food coloring into the tank.
3. Put the lid back on, but do NOT flush.
4. Wait 10-15 minutes; if you see colored water in the bowl, you have a leak.

Fixing a toilet leak may be as simple as ensuring nothing is interfering with the “flapper” valve going all the way to the “closed” position… but may require replacement of the float or entire valve assembly. Make certain to shut off the water supply to your toilet’s tank and flush or drain the tank before attempting any repairs. As always, it is recommended that you seek out a professional plumber to repair any leaks.


Leaking Toilet

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