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Hub Water Treatment Plant receives a Perfect Score


     In July 2010 the Harriman Utility Board received its bi-annual inspection from the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, Division of Water Supply. The inspection referred to as a “sanitary survey” is necessary to insure that public water systems meet the criteria for an approved status.

The survey is conducted by a state environmental specialist, who thoroughly combs through records and reports dating back to the last sanitary survey inspection, also checking physical appearance and cleanliness at the water treatment plant. The specialist also checks the distribution system reservoirs, and booster pumping stations. Based on their findings they make recommendations in the survey letter, as to where they think improvements should be made. They check to see if their recommendations were put into action at each survey. Through the years the system has continually received great scores in the high 90’s, but this survey in particular we are most proud of. The Hub Water Treatment Plant received a score of 100 out of a possible 100. The Harriman Utility Board staff takes pride in knowing the improvements and hard work do not go unrecognized.

This score will not halt improvements on our Water Treatment Plant or our distribution system. The work must go on, because water treatment is a continually growing field and we strive to stay above and ahead on new processes and regulations that are rapidly changing.


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