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Solving Odor Problems

This summer there has been a noticeable decrease in odors at the sewer pump station near Pizza Hut and Hardee’s after the installation of a Vortex manhole.  The HUB Sewer department installed the device in April before the hot weather arrived.  The special manhole aerates incoming wastewater and prevents odor causing chemicals from forming.  Hydrogen sulfide gases (rotten egg smell) normally form in water if it stays in pipes over an extended time.  These highly acidic gases cause odor and corrosion in pipes.  The patented manhole draws air into the water as it falls in downward spiral.  The added air in the water suppresses the formation of hydrogen sulfide.

HUB performed a study of odor control systems and which included a wide variety of methods including oxygen pellets; “bugs” (micro-organisms); bio-filters; and oxygen injection.  These alternatives had a 10-year cost ranging from $66,000 to $780,000.  But the new Vortex manhole installation had a one-time cost of $25,000 with no annual costs.  HUB employees visited Goodlettsville to see a similar unit in “action.”  Other utilities such as KUB, and Crossville have also selected the Vortex unit to control odors.

Vortex Manhole

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