Harriman Utility Board - 300 North Roane Street Harriman, TN 37748 - Tel 865 882 3242
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The Harriman Utility Board uses an automated answering attendant. As with most greetings, you will have several options.  The following is a diagram and explanation for your options. Dial # at anytime and it will take you to the top of the Menu.

  • Option 1 – Report Outages
  • Option 2 – Report Gas Leak or Gas,Water,Sewer problems
  • Option 3 – Credit Card Payments
  • Option 4 – Extension on a Bill or Disconnect for Non-Payment
  • Option 5 – General Questions about a Bill
  • Option 6 – New Services, Termination of Services, or Gas Inspection
  • Option 7 – Question or Problems concerning Security/Street/Traffic Lights
  • Option 8 – Questions about Tree Trimming Services

***If you know the extension of the person that you are trying to reach, dial that extension at anytime or you can dial "5 5" for the company directory.***
The following is a list of department extensions.

  • 202 Administration    
  • 235 Electrical Sup.   
  • 227 Gas/Water Sup.    
  • 216 Customer Service  
  • 211 Human Resources  
  • 234 I.T. Director     

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Harriman Utility Board
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