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  1. Customers applying for service must furnish a photo ID (such as driver’s license) as well as a second ID. A social security card is preferred but not required. We will accept credit card, insurance card, etc.
  2. If a customer is renting or leasing the residence, they must furnish a lease agreement. The account must be put in the same name as on the furnished document.
  3. The customer must complete all information required on the application and sign it.
  4. The customer must pay any applicable deposits and connection fees when applying for services.
  5. If the service is new (rather than existing), then the proper electrical permits must be obtained by a licensed electrician doing the work on behalf of the homeowner. However, if the homeowner wishes to do the work themselves, they are allowed to obtain a “homeowner’s” permit (limit one home per year).
  6. Before applying for electrical permits, the homeowner must obtain:
    a. A septic permit from the appropriate County Health Dept.
    b. A building permit from the appropriate political jurisdiction (Roane Co., Morgan Co. or City of Harriman). Building permits are required on all new construction, mobile homes and remodeling where at least $10,000 will be added to the property value.
  7. Up to four permits* may be required as follows:
    a. Temporary: For inspection of temporary construction service used by builder.
    b. Rough-In: Inspection of rough wiring prior to installation of insulation and wallboard.
    c. Final: Inspection of completed wiring including installation of all fixtures.
    d. HVAC: Inspection of heat and air system
    (*Note: By purchasing all necessary permits at the same time, the customer can avoid some service fees.)
  8. If a customer is moving into an account with an existing security light, or if the customer wants to have a light installed, they may sign a security light agreement expressing their desire to either leave an existing light or to install a new one.
    For more detailed information, contact our Customer Service Department.

Appying for Service and Electrical Permits

Underground Electric Temporary Drawing

Overhead Electric Temporary Drawing

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