Natural Gas Safety

Natural gas provides clean, reliable, and efficient energy-and safe natural gas distribution is a top priority of the Harriman Utility Board.

Natural gas is a combustible fuel and can be potentially ignited by sparks, open flame, or excessive heat. It also displaces other gases, including oxygen. Because of this, is it is very important that natural gas connections and appliances be installed and maintained in accordance with manufacturer guidelines and local building code.

Because natural gas is odorless, a chemical odorant called “mercaptan” is normally added to aid in detection of leaks. Most people describe mercaptan’s odor as that of sulfur, or “rotten eggs”. HUB has samples you can request at our main office. If you smell this odor prevalently in your home, place of work, or near gas connections or appliances, please call HUB at (865) 882-3242 and select option “2”, or dial extension 227. Emergency calls can be taken at this number, 24 hours a day.

Also, be sure to “Call Before You Dig!” (TN One Call at (800) 351-1111, or dial “811”) to be provided information regarding buried natural gas lines at no cost.


Gas Safety

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