Dispersed Power Production Program

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) is now offering the Dispersed Power (DPP) program as part of its renewable energy efforts. This program allows qualifying Small Power Producers with a renewable power system (up to 80 MW), or Cogeneration Facilities to connect to, and sell power to TVA.

Once connected, a qualifying facility can use the power for itself and sell any extra power to TVA. There is a set monthly cost based on TVA’s forecasted avoided cost (avoided cost simply means the wholesale rate TVA projects for itself with no incentives or retail mark-up).

Programs like the DPP program support TVA’s and HUB’s efforts to promote energy efficiency, increase renewable energy (e.g., hydro, wind, and solar) and provide the Valley with low-cost, reliable and clean power.

A safe and reliable connection to the grid can be arranged through HUB. To learn more about HUB’s process for application and installation of the DPP program, please download the application and accompanying documentation below.


Dispersed Power Production Program

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