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Delayed Penalty Program

This program is a delayed penalty program, not a “no” penalty program. It is designed to allow customers that are on Disability or Social Security to pay their bills at the first of the month when most receive their checks.

  1. The customer’s account must be paid current before they can apply for this program.
  2. The customer must bring their check, a copy of the check, or a copy of their bank statement if their check is direct deposited.
  3. The name on the check must be the same as the name on the account, no exceptions.
  4. If the customer is on direct deposit, then the account name on the bank statement must include the name of the person that shows on the utility account.
  5. Customers can not be placed on delayed penalty because their child gets a check of some kind.
  6. Any customer that fails to pay the current bill before the next bill comes out will be charged a penalty and will be placed on the cut off list for that billing route.
  7. Any past due monies that accrue on a delayed penalty account will be treated the same as any other past due account.
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