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Disconnection Policy for Non Pay Customers

Harriman Utility Board will do disconnections for Non Pay customers on the twelfth day after the bill is due. Each bill will have the due date and a note on the bill informing the customer that they will receive an automated phone call reminder if the bill is not paid within five days of the due date. The automated phone call will make two attempts to reach the customer. The phone call will inform customers that their account will be subject for disconnect seven days later if it is still unpaid, or no payment arrangements have been made. The phone call will also give the phone number for customers to call for bill disputes and payment arrangements.

Each application will have the procedure stated on it, and customer must sign to consent to the automated phone call reminders. Procedure will also be posted at each payment location and through mailing of periodic bill stuffers. Each posting will inform customers that it is their responsibility to keep their phone number up to date with us.

 If a customer has requested an extension and the payment is not made, they are subject for disconnection on the following business day. After 2 missed payment arrangements; no more extensions will be granted.

Disconnects are worked Monday through Thursday. There are no disconnects for non-pay customers after 4:00, on Fridays, or on special holidays.

After a customer is disconnected for nonpayment, the past due amount and all reconnect fees must be paid before 4:30 on business days for the customer to be reconnected on that day. The payment may be made in our office or by phone. The first time a customer is disconnected for non-day, a $25.00 reconnected fee and their past due amount must be paid for reconnection.

The second time in a 12 month period - A high risk deposit must be paid to bring the account to having double the maximum deposits, and a $25 reconnect fee must be paid for reconnection.

The third time and each time thereafter; they must pay a $50.00 non-refundable high risk fee and a $25 reconnection fee.

Each non-pay customer is also charged a $25.00 trip charge.

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