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Indoor Electrical Safey Tips

In the Kitchen

  • Water and electricity can be shocking    Always unplug an appliance before cleaning it.  Even if turned off, it can shock you.  Use outlets with GFCIs for appliances near sinks.

In the Bathroom

  • Don’t mix water and electricity.  Electricity flows easily through water, so keep hairdryers, curling irons, electric razors, electric toothbrushes, and other appliances away from sinks, bathtubs and wet hands.  Use GFCI outlets in all bathrooms.


  • GFCIs can save your life!  Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters shut off power in time to prevent serious shock.  Use them in bathrooms, garages, near kitchen sinks and outdoors. 


  • Don’t overload outlets.  An overloaded outlet is a fire hazard.  If your outlets are overloaded with many appliances, consider having a qualified electrician install additional outlets.

Electrical Fire

  • Keep your family safe.  Keep anything flammable away from light bulbs, heaters, or toasters.  Turn off appliances before you leave home.  Install smoke detectors, keep a fire extinguisher on hand, and have a family fire escape plan.

Appliance Cords

  • Frayed cords are dangerous. Cord insulation keeps electricity in the wires, where it belongs.  Regularly check appliance power cords and connections for wear; don’t use frayed or cracked cords.

Extension Cords

  • Practice extension cord safety. Extension cords are for temporary indoor use.  Keep them away from moisture, heat, or metal pipes.  Never put them under rugs because they can become frayed and cracked without your being able to see the damage.

Your Toaster

  • In case of burnt toast… Never insert a metal fork or knife into a toaster under any circumstances.  Metal conducts electricity.  If you must remove burnt toast, unplug the toaster first.

Child Safety

  • Keep little hands out of trouble,  If small children are in your home, put safety covers on all electrical outlets that are within their reach.  Keep appliances and cords away from children.

Holiday Safety

  • Keep the holiday’s happy. Always turn off holiday lights before you leave home.  Keep trees, boxes and wrapping paper away from heat sources.

In Case of Outages

  • Keep these items handy: Flashlights or battery powered lanterns, chemical light sticks, battery powered radio, bottled water, canned and dried foods, blankets, thermos, manual can opener, first aid supplies.  Keep extra batteries; rotate to keep fresh ones on hand.

Your Backup Generator

  • Make sure it’s safe. Never operate a home backup generator without a properly installed transfer switch that disconnects it from the main power lines.  A generator that remains connected to power lines can backfeed power into them, shocking unsuspecting utility workers.
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