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Outdoor Electrical Safey Tips
Overhead Lines
  • Keep your distance!  When carrying and using ladders and other long tools, make sure to keep them at least 10 feet away from all overhead lines, including your service drop from the transformer to your home.

High Voltage Towers

  • Stay clear of high voltage towers! Never touch, climb or play on or around these towers.


  • Stay out of Substations! Tell children that if a ball or toy gets into a substation, they should tell an adult and call HUB.  Never try to retrieve the toy yourself.

Pad-Mounted Transformers

  • Don’t dig near them or pry open. These transformers are inside sturdy metal cabinets that are locked for safety.  Never sit on or near them.  If you find one that’s unlocked, call HUB immediately.

Underground Lines

  • Call before you dig! If you hit an underground line you could be seriously or fatally injured.  You could also be liable for damages.  So before digging or moving earth in any way, call Tennessee One Call  811 to have the utilities located.

If You Hit a Power Pole

  • Stay inside the vehicle and wait for rescue workers. If fire or other danger forces you out, jump clear of any fallen lines without touching the vehicle and the ground at the same time.  Land with your feet together and shuffle (keeping your feet close and in contact with the ground) away.

Fallen Power Lines

  • Keep Away!  If you see a fallen power line, keep your distance.   The line can be dangerous, even if it’s not sparking.  Call HUB immediately.

Tree Safety

  • Work and play safely around trees. Contact HUB before trimming or cutting down trees that are near overhead lines.  Don’t let children climb trees that are near overhead lines.


  • If you’re caught in a lightning storm, seek shelter.  Stay away from trees and bodies of water.  Seek shelter in a vehicle or house.  If you’re caught in the open, drop to your knees and bend forward with your hands on your knees.  Do not lie flat on the ground.


  • Always use them when outdoors.  GFCIs shut off power in time to prevent serious shock.  GFCI protection is required for outdoor areas, crawl spaces, and garages (in addition to kitchens and bathrooms).  Portable GFCI’s are available.

Power Tools

  • Select tools designed for outdoor use. They should have heavier wiring and be double insulated or have three-way grounded plugs.  When working outside or near water, be sure to plug tools into a GFCI.
If Someone is Being Shocked

  • Do Not Touch Them! Do not touch them or anything they are touching.  Do not try use an object to remove the source of the electricity.  You could be seriously or fatally injured.  Turn off the main power to the house and call 911 immediately

Electrical Fire

  • Do not use water!  If possible, unplug the appliance or equipment.  If the fire is small, use a fire extinguisher made for use with electrical fires.  If the fire is not small, leave the house immediately and call 911.
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