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**Existing On-Line Customers will also have to sign up for the new service by following the instructions below**

The Harriman Utility Board is excited about a new way to view and pay your bill.  You will be able to view your history and usage.  All you have to do is have your account # and an e-mail account.  Follow the link below to register, you will be sent a password.  Just log in and view your account.  If you want to pay, just click the pay bill button and you will be redirected to a secure web site to enter your information.
To sign up, follow the link below or go to billing.hub-tn.com.  You will need to go to the New Customer Sign Up and fill out the following information.  Please read and follow the directions below.

1. Please have a copy of your bill when you first sign up. You will be asked to enter your account # from your bill. Enter it exactly as it is on your bill. For instance if your account number is 017-9999-99, it will look like the following:

2. The system will ask you to enter the first 5 characters of your name as it appears on your HUB Bill. Please note that the space between your first and last names is counted as a character. For instance, if your bill displays the name of John Smith, you would enter John and the space, which will look like this:

**Note the cursor position shows a space entered after John, the space must be entered before you go down to the e-mail field:

If your bill displays Kay Smith, you would enter Kay S

3. Now enter your e-mail address. We have you to type this out 2 times to ensure that there won’t be any typographical errors in your data. You should receive an e-mail from services@hub-tn.com . This e-mail will contain your password.

4. If you don’t receive your e-mail in about 5 minutes, you might want to check your spam filters, junk e-mail folders or blocked mail to make sure our e-mail did not get blocked. If you have checked the above and you still haven’t gotten an e-mail, call 865-882-3242 x 234 or send an e-mail to billpay@hub-tn.com  and we will send you your password.  If you e-mail, please provide your account number, the name as it appears on the bill and the e-mail address that you used to sign up.



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